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Best Resume Format

Resume format, structure, and how the information is presented in the resume play a big role in deciding if the recruiter will pay attention.  Whenever you apply for a job, there are probably hundreds or even thousands of other applicants doing the same thing. Recruiters won’t have too much time to look at your resume with so many others on the table. 


Unless your profile attracts them at first glance, your resume will be discarded. They have many other resumes to be reviewed, which is why you should not make it a long list of job responsibilities. It should function like a marketing campaign promoting you.

It should be straight to the point and concise! Clear and easy to scan!

So, let us understand which information needs to be entered in each section and how it should be presented to get shortlisted.

Name, Contact Information and Objective

    • Identify yourself by writing your Name
    • Immediately following your name should be your Contact Information
    • The first thing to consider is the email ID. It should be professional. You should create an ID with your name in it
    • Also include your city, state, phone number, and LinkedIn ID in the contact information section. These are essentially the main points you need to mention in your contact information
    • The date of birth and your picture should be omitted because these are irrelevant details and can bias the decision of recruiters

    Next will be the Objective.

    • Make it more of a branding statement rather than an objective
    • Do not copy a generic objective statement from a website. It should be relevant to the role you are applying for

Work Experience

    • We now move on to Work Experience
    • You can start by mentioning your current job, duration and then move backward with your old jobs
    • Then, under the name of the company, will be the job title. Describe your profile and core deliverables in short under each section using bullet points
    • Your experience in this section should be aligned with the position you are applying for. Display your career highlights rather than listing all your job responsibilities
    • Some candidates place their first job at the top and then earlier ones, so the current role comes at the bottom. It confuses the recruiters so please don’t do that


  • You should keep your education section short and sweet if you have been working for a while
  • Mentioning 10th and 12th percentages doesn’t make any sense if you are a working professional

Then come the Extra-curricular

  • Here is your chance to highlight any activities you were involved in or educational seminars attended that are pertinent to the position you are applying for
  • Do not include Personal Details or Declaration. Parent’s name, marital status, age, etc. can be left out

Why consider a Resume Writer?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s much more that needs to be considered while writing an impressive resume. You need to see which resume format suits your profile.

Then there is the font, grammar, keywords, word choice, sentence framing, alignment, Certifications, Projects, References, Hobbies, ATS compliance and many other things to be considered.


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